Terms and Conditions

Business Portal 

1. Preamble

The object of these terms and conditions of business is the use of the internet portal pored by IIC Innovative International Consulting GmbH & Co KG (subsequently referred to as “IIC”) and the publication of cooperation tenders and research inquiries on this platform. The user of the platform (subsequently referred to as “customer”) shall accept the General Terms and Conditions completely and without reservation (post, email, fax) with any orders in written form.
The white label version of this platform launched for Diplomatic Council (DC) is similar in functionality, pricing and regulation. Both platforms are using the same database.

2. Subject of the Contract

IIC shall provide companies and self-employed persons with a platform to exchange information relating to possible business partnership.

IIC can adjust the scope of services of all tenders and options of the internet portal at any time. Ongoing contractual relationships shall not be affected by these changes if additional services have not been booked in addition.

The customer is personally responsible for any data provided to IIC. This shall relate particularly to the accuracy and topicality of data as well as generally to the content, design and completeness of the information.

3. Content of the Entry / Use of the Platform

The customer shall bear the sole responsibility for the content of his entry. By publishing, entering or uploading his publication, the customer shall guarantee that he has the rights to this publication so that he is permitted to use it in the manner described in this section, including all rights, which are required for its publication. The customer shall be obligated to comply with all pertinent legal conditions and guidelines and shall release IIC from any third party claims, as far as this is legally possible.

The customer hereby agrees to use this internet platform exclusively to provide information or research information. The customer hereby agrees not to use the internet platform for the following reasons, among others:

  • To post dishonorable, harassing, threatening or otherwise violent comments, which infringe on the legal rights of other (natural or legal) persons.
  • To publish, send, upload or distribute material or information, which contains inappropriate, blasphemous, dishonorable, offensive, obscene, indecent or illegal content.
  • The upload files, which contain software or other materials, which are protected by copyright or infringe on the right to personal privacy, if you do not have the relevant usage rights or the necessary agreement.
  • To upload files which contain viruses, damaged data or otherwise damaging programs.
  • To offer advertising or tenders for any purchase or sale of goods or services in the sense of businesslike trade, if this does not conform to the business purpose of the internet platform provided by IIC and is not expressively permitted.
  • To carry out or forward surveys, competitions, contests or chain letters.
  • To download files, which have been published by other users, if you are able to recognize or must have recognized that this cannot be legally distributed.
  • To change or delete author information, delete copyright statements or references to ownership for publications, documents or software, which you upload into the portal.
  • To prevent or limit other users in the use of the portal.
  • To infringe on the rules of behavior of the individual communication services.
  • To collect information about other users, including email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
  • To infringe on the valid law in any way.

IIC shall be entitled at any time to delete adverts due to notification or their own controls, which infringe on the General Terms and Conditions or legal conditions. This also applies for incorrect and dubious information by customers.

The customer hereby agrees that his adverts, which are entered onto the portal by IIC and published there, shall not be freely available for third parties.

4. Conditions and Payment Methods

The use of the platform for presenting a possible business partnership is free of charge. 

Costs shall be dependent on additional booked services. The prices can be found in the price list, which is visible in a dominant position in the portal. IIC shall reserve the right to change the prices at any time. Price adjustments shall come into force for all customers at the same time. The exception to this rule shall be ongoing contracts, for which the prices valid at the time of contract conclusion shall remain unchanged for the duration of the contract.

The calculation shall occur with the order by the customer and is payable immediately.

5. Disclaimer

IIC shall be responsible to the customer for the careful and contractual provision of services. It shall guarantee the best possible reproduction of the entry in accordance with the usual technical standard. The liability of IIC shall be limited to errors which can be proven to be caused by it and attributed to gross negligence.

IIC shall not be liable if the provision of its services become temporarily interrupted due to technical disturbances or force majeure, partially limited or impossible. Force majeure shall include, specifically, natural occurrences of particular intensity (flooding, earthquakes, etc.), warlike occurrences, terrorism, strikes, unforeseeable official restrictions, power failures, criminal attacks on the system by third parties (hackers), computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc. The fulfillment of the contract or the deadline for contract fulfillment shall be postponed in accordance with the event.

In the same way, the liability of IIC for direct or indirect damage due to operational failures of the telecommunications network, internal network or service, due to data loss, data damage, transfer errors or due to other technical problems with functionality of the internet portal shall also be excluded. IIC shall not be liable for any lost profit or secondary damage.

The use of the services provided on the “www.innovative-ic.com” internet portal shall be at the own risk of the customer. IIC shall not accept any liability for damage, which is caused to the customer by the provision or transfer of its data or other information on the internet.

IIC shall not provide any guarantee for the freedom from defects of any data transmitted by customers, the accuracy of published data or the success of an advertisement. With regards liability for foreign content on the portal, we refer you to the exclusion clause (disclaimer).

IIC is hereby entitled to subject the database and server to a maintenance check. Any resulting problems with data recall shall not justify the reduction of remuneration or the termination of contracts. There shall exist no right to claims for damage.

6. Data Protection

IIC shall only collect data as far as it is necessary and shall deal with it in a careful manner. It shall be obligated to comply with the German Data Protection Act. However, the customer shall take note of the fact that any data published over the internet can be called up in countries, which have no data protection conditions comparable to those in Germany.

7. Ineffective Conditions, Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

Should individual conditions of these General Terms and Conditions be ineffective, the contractual relationship with the customer shall remain in effect and the effectiveness of the remaining conditions shall remain unaffected by this.

IIC hereby reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms and Conditions at any time. The General Terms and Conditions published on the internet portal shall be the decisive version.

8. Place of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The parties hereby agree that Engen, Germany, shall be the place of jurisdiction.

All legal relationships between the customer and IIC shall be subject to German law.