We are offering 3 different products (Sep 2018)


Classic Entry

  • Description of the company
  • Description of the interest in partnership
  • Detailed contact information
  • Upload of your Company-Logo

Premium Entry

$50 for 12 months
  • Features of Classic Entry
  • Upload additional information
  • “Premium”-Branding to increase the visual recognition
  • No subscription

Premium Plus Entry

$100 for 12 months
  • Features of Premium Entry
  • Priority Setting
    in List and Search Result
  • “Premium Plus”-Branding
    to optimize the awareness

An upgrade from “Premium” to “Premium Plus” is possible anytime.

Available VIP Codes can be used to pay partly or in total the requested payment.
At the end of the booking period (“Premium” or “Premium Plus”), the entry will fallback to "Classic" Package if the User is not renewing the booking again.