looking for partnership

by habib chbouki (), 10/01/2015

Ladies,Gentlemen, I am Moroccan inventor and innovator, aged 60, residing in Morocco, in Casablanca. I developed a military innovation of great importance. The system is able to intercept and track all military objects (military aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, ship and frigate war ... etc ...). The homing mechanism is fully autonomous. It has the option - Fire and forget- from the third generation. More importantly, this system is able to intercept and track objects "stealth"... Ladies, Gentlemen, this system has high accuracy, inexpensive and achievable on. It is much more efficient than the Hawk - MIM 23 - the cost of which amounted to $ 30 million per unit (see the following link: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIM-23_Hawk). The Hawk has a guidance system with a range of up to 40 km only, while this innovation offers different ranges of up to maximum limit designated for warplanes. This innovation offers many other benefits as it can be adapted to any type of missile and smart bombs ... and others. Ladies,Gentlemen, the system has been tested several times with great success. Ladies,Gentlemen, the goal of my correspondence is to find a partner that can manage the necessary steps concerning this innovation. I remain at your disposal for further information on this innovation. Please believe, Ladies and Gentlemen, my deep respect. Habib chbouki Tel: + 212-6-20-59-68-78 NB: I'm sorry, my English is not perfect. I speak French, so I use the translation of the web.